Future Projects

Planned activities for the next fiscal year:
Food distribution: delivering food to needy families. Objectives: self esteem, fight stigmatization, routine, develop organization skills.Social reintegration
Meals on Wheel: Preparing food for families. Objective: Self autonomy, planning meals. Fighting stigmatization. Social reintegration
Land Activities: Objectives: reconnect with cultural roots. Fishing and hunting. Planning and organisation.
Working in conjonction with the Elders: Elders coming during the day to visit clients. Objectives: To reconnect with roots, cultural awareness, strory telling.
Cemetery Project: This coming year we have to paint the fences, manage the weed out. Objective: Social reintegration.
Cemetery Project: We will include the children from the Group Home in our activity. Objective: Social Reintegration
Green House: Same like last year plus we will try new seeds. Objectives: Routine, planning, organizing, controlling. Social reintegration
Green House: In conjunction with the Group Home, we will bring the children to the green house to help to take care of our lots. One of them will be for them. Social reintegration
Compost Project: Continue the last year project.
Potato field project: We will be involved in a potato field project, location and working in the field. Community work.
Fire log project: reuse shredded paper to do eco fire log. Objectives: working habits, new, jobs, social interaction.
Hiring Elders as intervener: Objective: Help our clientele to understand their roots, cultural heritage, and gaining confidence through better understanding where they are coming from. Give traditional counselling through story telling and advice.
Individual Intervention Plan: Prepared by social worker. Objective: devise personal objectives to achieve. Motivation. Agreement letter with social worker.
Social worker meeting with clients: Weekly activity. Objectives: Maintain client focus on their own objectives, respecting Hebergement communautaire Ungava rules, discussing problems, issues.
Drug addiction Intervener: Objectives: Develop client’s awaraness, explain drug effect with their medication.
Nutritionist: Objectives: Develop client’s awareness about nutrition, discussion about health issues
Monthly training with Marie Victorin College: Objectives: Helping intervener to have a better understanding about mental illness, how to cope with it, acquiring new tools to work with the clientele.
Hiring 2 new Inuit employees: Objectives: Helping the clientele to be in touch with community, be able to express themselves in their own language.
House cleaning: Objectives: Routine, clean environment.
Gym: 3 times a week we will continue to go to the gym with the clients. Try to increase the frequency and clients coming. Average time in the gym: 1 hour. Objectives: Losing weight, increase coordination, self esteem, social interaction.
Gym with physiotherapist: Twice a week the physiotherapist we will continue to go to the gym with one of our client having physical disabilities. Objectives: Increase coordination, strength.
Coffee Meeting:Each day wake up the clients to go to the hospital for a coffee. Objectives to give them a wake up routine(around 9:00 AM), meeting with clients during the morning, talking about their feelings, encounter people at the cafeteria and at the transit.
Painting inside the Hebergement communautaire Ungava: Since the beginning the house have never been re-painted. The painting job will be done by the clientele
Swimming pool: Planning 3 times a week swimming pool activity.

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