Our activities

Coffee Meeting Each day we wake up the clients to go to the hospital for a coffee around 9 a.m. . The objective is to give them a morning routine, for us to be meeting with clients during the morning, to talk about their feelings, and for the clients to encounter as well as interact with people at the cafeteria and the transit.

Compost Project: For the second year in a row, in collaboration with the Kuujjuaq Nunavik Village, the KRG, Northern Store, Makivik and Nuviq’vi,  three (3) clients have been working on the compost project. Every day they do composting during the summer time. Throughout the project the clients are learning how to plan and organize an activity. Every day, Monday to Friday, they pick up the garbage from various locations. In doing so they meet many people working at the Northern and Neviq’vi stores. Through those encounters they gain self confidence and they earn money. This year we have composted 8,187.5 litres of recyclable matter. The activity has started on June 19th and ends on October 25.(Report attached)
Exercise room: We have dedicated a space inside the Hebergement communautaire Ungava for an exercise room. We have a punching bag, a treadmill, an abdominal exerciser, and two stationary bikes. The clients are using it on a regular basis to contol their weight. Since then they have been willing to go to the Forum Gym. This exercise room has allowed the clients to build their self confidence and control weight.
Gym: 2 times a week we go to the gym with 3 clients. Average time in the gym: 1 hour. The objectives for the clients are to lose weight, increase their coordination, improve their self esteem, and engage in social interactions.
Gym with physiotherapist: Twice a week the physiotherapist is coming with one of our client who has physical disabilities. The objectives is to Increase the client’s coordination and strength.
Swimming pool: Twice a week during the summer our clients and day care clients go to the swimming pool. They are usually 3 to 5 participants.
Drawing workshop: We have a drawing workshop on Wednesday evening. During that workshop the intervener interacts with the clients, helps them to express their feelings, to develop their coordination and confidence. One of our clients has won the Northern Village of Kuujjuaq Drawing competition. His work is exposed on the Town Hall Mosaic
Food Distribution: Monday to Friday the HCU clients deliver food to families in need. The objective is to help clients interact socially with people, gain confidence, learn to deal with difficult situations, and using their own judgment to reach appropriate decisions (e.g.: deciding how much food to deliver to a family, determining which family needs food). In 2013, we delivered over 3,138 meals to 2608 people. (Statistics attached)
Cemetery Project: On July 1, 2013, we receive the approval from N.V. of Kuujjuaq to upkeep the Old Cemetery. With 4 clients plus one participant from our Day Centre we took the weeds out. The participants also picked up branches which were later recycled through the Compost project. The activity lasted until September 12, 2013. The clients learnt to work under stressful conditions, in the heat, under the rain, and within a time constraint. Through this activity, they reconnected with their past, telling stories about the people buried in the cemetery.
Green House: At the end of July we have been granted a green house lot. With our clientele we have plant seeds(carrots, beets, corn, flowers, bok choi, beans). To fill up our lot we have used the compost we did from last year. The clients were able to see the purpose of their compost job and how it helps to get results. Each day we were going to take the weed out, water down the plants(Picture attached).
Day Center: In June we have implemented a Day Center program. With the support of Tulattavik’s nurse we have included in our daily activities (green house, cemetery, swimming pool) people with cognitive deficiencies. Looking to expand it.
House cleaning: A schedule have been set up to clean the Supervised House. 3 clients are responsible and paid to broom and mop 2 times a week. The clients are responsible to plan and organize the cleaning.
New Green House: 3 clients have been hired to fill up during one week the new green house. During that activity they had to plan, organize how to do the job.
Training from Douglas Hospital: 2 particpants and a social worker. More people were scheduled but 3 of them were out of town or sick.
Training from Marie Victorin College: 2 participants, 4 days training. In collaboration with Psychosocial Services and Wellness Program.

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