Our Mission

We are a non profit organisation operating since 2009.
Our way of helping the residents is based on what could be called an unorthodox approach. We seek to recreate a dynamic that mirrors one found within Inuit families.
In this optic the roles and responsibilities of helpers, specialists and residents are not firmly defined. We seek to create a therapeutic community that lies outside of the healthcare framework.
We seek to implement a model which mirrors the Inuit reality rather than adapt a model from the South to the realities of the Northern communities (“Copy-Paste” approach). We wish to give our residents life skills which they can internalise rather than impose them through an enforced routine.
Our organisation’s structure is fluid. It can be challenging for an individual who is accustomed to working in a rigid structure where planning and organisation are the deciding principles.

Mission statement

We at Hebergement communautaire Ungava believe that given a safe, supportive environment, individuals suffering with mental health difficulties and intellectual deficiencies will gain vital life skills on their journey to independence and well-being.  With the collaboration of our community partners and extended family we provide a holistic approach with reintegration into the community where possible is the goal.

Supportive Housing : A definition

Supportive housing offers its residents a balance between autonomy and on-site support.  Under these circumstances a person can share with other adults facing similar challenges and learn tasks related to daily life while still maintaining and exercising the life skills they already have.


1.      Provide supportive housing for individuals who are suffering with a mental illness and or intellectual deficiencies;
2.      Teach life skills and reintegrate individuals into community;
3.      Provide respite care for families caring for someone who is mentally ill or intellectually deficient;
4.      Bridge gap between services in the community;
5.      Advocate for the needs of individuals with mental illness and educate the community about mental illness